Royal Free International Advanced Endoscopy Masterclass
AEM Programe

Royal Free
International Advanced Endoscopy Masterclass
05-09-2018 to 07-09-2018

Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London
5 September 2018

08:00 – 08:30 Registration
08:30 Welcome and Introduction
Dr Edward J. Despott & Dr Alberto Murino (Directors, International AEM)
Ms Kate Slemeck (CEO, Royal Free Hospital)
Prof Massimo Pinzani (Director, UCL Institute for Liver & Digestive Health)
Dr George Webster (Vice President, British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG))
Prof Thierry Ponchon (President, European Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy (ESGE))
Prof Paul Fockens (President, United European Gastroenterology (UEG)
Dr Charles D. Murray (President, Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) Gastroenterology)
Prof Ibrahim Mostafa(Director, World Endoscopy Organisation (WEO) Education committee)


Third space endoscopy in the oesophagus

Chairs: Prof Horst Neuhaus, Prof Paul Fockens, Prof Guido Costamagna

08:45 Oesophageal ESD, indications, efficacy and safety- Prof Thierry Ponchon

09:00 POEM for achalasia and related motility disorders- Prof Guido Costamagna

09:15 STER: submucosal tunnelling endoscopic resection- Prof Horst Neuhaus

09:30 Discussion

Video Session

Panel: Prof Hironori Yamamoto, Prof Horst Neuhaus, Prof Helmut Neumann, Dr Fatih Aslan, Prof Kenneth F Binmoeller, Prof Ibrahim Mostafa, Dr Edward J Despott


Coffee Break

10.30 – 11:00

Endoscopic management of duodenal pathology

Chairs: Prof Hironori Yamamoto, Prof Kenneth Binmoeller, Dr Edward J. Despott

11:00 Mucosal and submucosal lesion classification and characterisation- Prof Raf Bisschops

11:10 Duodenal lesion resection: Balancing the risks and benefits- Prof Paul Fockens

11:20 Management of non-ampullary sporadic adenomas- UEMR (immersion facilitated resection)- Prof Kenneth Binmoeller

11:35 Management of non-ampullary sporadic adenomas: ESD- Prof Hironori Yamamoto

11:50 Management of ampullary adenomas- Prof Horst Neuhaus

12:00 Management of duodenal-specific complications- Prof Andrea May

12:10 Surgical Management- Mr Giuseppe KitoFusai

12:20 Discussion

Lunch Break


Safety and quality in endoscopy

Chairs: Dr Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Prof Paul Fockens, Prof Raf Bisschops

13:15 The advanced endoscopy multidisciplinary team meeting: Choosing what’s best for our patients- Prof Brian Saunders

13:30 Safety first: Pre-procedural, procedural and post-procedural considerations- Dr Siwan Thomas-Gibson

13:45 Endoscopic diathermy: A quick guide to safety and effectiveness- Prof Helmut Neumann

14:00 Discussion

Avoidance and management of complications

Chairs: Prof Paul Fockens, Prof Thierry Ponchon, Prof Raf Bisschops

14:15 EMR & ESD-Prof Paul Fockens

14:30 POEM- Prof Marcel Tantau

14:45 ERCP-Prof Nageshwar Reddy

15:00 EUS Prof Paul Fockens

15:15 Discussion

Coffee Break

15:15 – 15:45

Ancillary devices and technologies

Chairs: Prof Andrea May, Dr James East, Dr Alberto Murino

15:45 An overview of distal attachment types and their role in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy- Prof Hironori Yamamoto

15:55 Balloon-assisted enhancement of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy- Dr James E. East

16:05 Traction-enabling devices and their role in therapeutic endoscopy- Dr Noriko Suzuki

16:15 Suturing and over-the-scope clipping devices: indications, technique and limitations- Dr Rehan Haidry

16:25 Ancillary devices for recurrent lesions- Prof Andrea May

16:35 Emerging technologies for GI bleeding- Prof Thierry Ponchon

16:45 Discussion


Chairs: Prof Paul Fockens, Prof Thierry Ponchon, Prof Nageshwar Reddy

17:00 ESGE guidelines: improving effectiveness- Dr Alberto Murino

17:15 Upper GI stenting: when and how- Dr Matthew Banks

17:30 Lower GI stenting: when and how- Dr George Webster

17:45 Stenting for refractory variceal bleeding- Prof Ibrahim Mostafa

18:00 Discussion

6 September 2018

Therapeutic EUS

Chairs: Prof Nageshwar Reddy, Dr George Webster, Prof Kenneth Binmoeller

08:45 EUS management of pancreatic pseudocystsandwalled-off necrosis-Prof Kenneth Binmoeller

09:00 EUS guided biliary drainage-Prof Nageshwar Reddy

09:15 EUS guided management of varices- Prof Kenneth Binmoeller

09:30 EUS guided radiofrequency ablation of solid tumours-Prof Stephen Pereira

09:45 Discussion

Video Session

Panel: Prof Horst Neuhaus, Prof Marcel Tantau, Prof Pradeep Bhandari, Dr Fatih Aslan, Prof Helmut Neumann, Dr Mostafa Ibrahim, Dr Alberto Murino

10:00 – 10:45

Coffee Break

10.45 – 11:15

International AEM key note lecture

Chairs: Dr Alberto Murino & Dr Edward J Despott

11:15 Endoscopy 2018: ‘Endoscopy beyond barriers’

Prof Guido Costamagna

The expanding role of minimally invasive therapeutic endoscopy

Chairs: Dr Rehan Haidry, Dr Mostafa Ibrahim, Prof Guido Costamagna

11:45 Antireflux interventions-Prof Guido Costamagna

12:00 Bariatric and metabolic interventionsinterventions- Prof Jacques Deviere

12:15 Submucosal tumour resection: An alternative to surgery- Prof Marcel Tantau

12:30 Discussion


12:45 – 13:30

Small bowel

Chairs: Prof Hironori Yamamoto, Dr Cristiano Spada, Dr Edward J Despott

13:30 Capsule endoscopy: The state of the art in 2018- Dr Cristiano Spada

13:45 ESGE technical review- Dr Simon Panter

14:00 Safe and effective therapeutic enteroscopy-Prof Hironori Yamamoto

14:15 Evolving technologies- Prof Horst Neuhaus

14:30 Surgical assistance in enteroscopy- Dr Erasmia Vlachou

14:45 Discussion

Coffee Break

15:00 – 15:30

Colorectal lesion resection

Chairs: Prof Marcel Tantau, Prof Helmut Neuman, Dr Alberto Murino

15:30 Beyond adenoma detection rate: A guide to achieving excellence in colonoscopy- Prof Raf Bisschops

15:40 Latest updates on colorectal lesion characterisation- Mr Amyn Haji

15:50 Management of the diminutive polyp in 2018- Prof Helmut Neumann

16:00 Mark it or miss it: Importance and technique of effective tattoo placement- Prof Pradeep Bhandari

16:10 Underwater EMR In the colon- Prof Kenneth Binmoeller

16:30 Saline-Immersion Therapeutic Endoscopy (SITE): An evolution of the underwater resection technique- Dr Edward J. Despott

16.40 Endoscopic submucosal dissection: achieving reproducible safety and effectiveness- Prof Hironori Yamamoto

17:00 Alternative resection techniques- Dr Alberto Murino

17:10 Discussion

17.30 Closing remarks Dr Edward J. Despott & Dr Alberto Murino

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